Our Cheddars

Jukolan Juusto cherishes the romance of cheese making. The Real Cheddar is made in the hands of our experienced cheesemakers by using the traditional methods. For real moments and real people.

Real Cheddar Original in the package

Real Cheddar Original


Real Cheddar Vintage

Real Cheddar with Garlic

Real Cheddar with Garlic

Real Cheddar with Black Pepper

Real Cheddar with Black Pepper

Real Cheddar with Chili

Real Cheddar with Chili

Real Cheddar with Amarone package

Real Cheddar with Amarone from Tommasi

Real Cheddar with Gin package

Real Cheddar with Gin

Real Cheddar Whiskey package

Real Cheddar with Whiskey

Real Cheddar with Spruce Buds package

Real Cheddar with Spruce Buds


Real Cheddar Slices

Real Cheddar from Jukolan Juusto

In the middle of the Finnish countryside in Joutsa, the morning starts by receiving the milk from our freshly milked cows. Our milk comes from our own dairy farm, which is just a stone’s throw away from the factory. Actually, it is so close to our factory that it takes only two hours from milking to be inside the cheese making kettle, ready for the daily production.  Fresh, high quality milk is the secret of successfully produced cheese and the longer the cheese is aging the more significant this becomes.

Pure nature and morning milk combined with long experience of our Cheese Masters’ and traditional cheese making process provides high quality and pure products, the Real Cheddars. We hold on to the traditional cheese making method even though it requires a lot of craftmanship and time. It is the only way to make real cheddar that actually tastes like real cheddar.

You will notice it when you taste it.

Stay real